CannaCon Brought Cultivators and Environmental Control Closer!

You Make Our Day

Every cannabis industry convention I have been to in the last year has surprised me in terms of scale and scope but even more so in terms of excitement and CannaCon Seattle was no exception. I always arrive to our booth early so I can walk the show floor about an hour before the official start; all the exhibitors are putting the final touches on the booths, the walkways are quiet and calm yet the focus and anticipation is palpable. After finishing my ‘morning stroll’ I headed back to our booth to catch up with our local team and prepare for day. Once the gates were open it was clear that Seattle, and for that matter, the Northwest region was ready for action.

One of my favorite things about the cannabis industry is the collaborative culture. Instead of giving out the same 60 second set of talking points, we get the opportunity to learn about the business of others and dig in to determine if a partnership makes sense. The tangible outcome of this is that we get the opportunity to zoom out and learn about parts of the business we don’t directly touch but significantly impact.

Environmental Control Collaboration

An example of this is when I had a great discussion with an integrator. Day-in and day-out, he installs controls for lighting, irrigation, and various other systems; through our conversation we uncovered that we have both been asked about expansion of our control platforms. gPod controls temperature, humidity, and CO2 but we have been asked to control lighting and irrigation – the control vendor controls irrigation, lighting, and scheduling but has been asked to control temperature, humidity, and CO2. The connection we made uncovered new ideas and strategies for how we can collaborate, learn, and provide efficiencies to the grower.

Choosing an Environmental Control System – The gPod Team Can Help

As the conference rolled on we moved closer and closer to my break out session talk on the “process of system selection for your indoor grow.” The cannabis industry has many unique features but one of my favorites is the passion the cannabis growers and investors have on every aspect of the operation. However, I have seen this passion lead to miscommunications in the construction process which can ultimately manifest themselves in slower time to harvest and lower yields. This is why the project delivery process is so important and it is our goal at gPod to help guide the ownership team from back of napkin idea to construction to phase two. The two takeaways I hoped for all the attendees to walk away with were ‘there is value in the process’ and ‘work with an experienced team.’

CannaCon Seattle was one of my favorite cannabis industry trade shows; I learned a lot, collaborated a lot, and had a chance to start a lot of new relationships. gPod is a member of the cannabis community and a collaborative team player; the next show you are at stop by, say hi, and let us learn about your business.

In the meantime, if you’re interested, check out our new animated gPod video.